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Remember, everyone else in the room is there for the same purpose. And that purpose is finding someone interesting to date. So don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed. Instead, be prepared. The better prepared you are, the more confident you’ll feel and sound.

It’s true that no one can anticipate the speed dating questions they’ll be asked. But certain issues will almost always come up whether you’re speed dating in London or somewhere else. One of the most common is what you like to do.

Another is past relationships. The best speed dating advice for these types of speed dating questions is to answer honestly, answer briefly, and answer kindly. Keep the conversation upbeat and positive and you’ll make a better first impression.

You’ll probably also ask and answer less serious speed dating questions, like what you’d do if you won the lottery or where you’d go if you could go anywhere in the world. There really aren’t any right or wrong answers to these types of questions. But the answers do present a great opportunity to have some fun and see how witty other speed daters are.

Muslim Single Solutions has a lot more to offer than simple dating profiles. We like to stand out from the crowd, which is why we host regular speed dating sessions. There’s no better way to العثور على الحب الآن!

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